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Conferenza | Sabato 27 ottobre 2018

27 Oct 2018 | Tutto il giorno

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XII Summit italiano di Architettura dell'informazione

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Workshop | Venerdì 26 ottobre 2018

26 Oct 2018 | Workshop base | Mattina

Design Teams are a Design Exercise – Half Day Workshop

Alberta Soranzo
An effective design team requires a multitude of diverse skills, and it's impossible for any one individual to possess them all. So, how do you go about putting together a team that’s balanced, powerful and can work effectively with other teams? What is the right mixture of junior and senior practitioners? What skills, soft and hard, do you need to design and deliver outstanding products and services that support meaningful outcomes? In this workshop, we’ll take a look at how to assess the skills of our colleagues (as well as our own) to best shape, inspire and lead a design team that works together (and stays together). A team where more experienced practitioners thrive and more junior ones are supported, mentored and enabled to grow, and where complementarity and teamwork are the foundations of success. You will leave this workshop with a different point of view on design leadership, and ready to build, motivate, grow and keep design teams happy.

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26 Oct 2018 | Workshop base | Tutto il giorno

Every Day Design Thinking – Full day workshop

Fabrizio Lo Presti Experience Designer di Accenture Digital vi guiderà nella scoperta delle potenzialità offerte dalle tecniche di business design thinking. Post-it e pennarelli alla mano scopriremo insieme come affrontare, definire e trovare soluzioni attraverso il design thinking applicato al mondo del business.

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26 Oct 2018 | Workshop base | Tutto il giorno

Information Architecture Walk – Learning from Genoa – Full day workshop

Andrea Resmini
Dan Klyn
Join Dan Klyn and Andrea Resmini in a FULL DAY architecture walk through thousands of years and hundreds of instances of architecture in urban Genoa. We’ll activate all of our senses (and some of our critical faculties) as we consider contrasting examples of what “good” means and has meant through the centuries as represented in the places that people inhabit, and in the structures that enclose and support the stuff that people do. At intervals, we’ll be reading the structures along the route as texts: reverse-engineering what the builders’ and sponsors’ intent may have been from our perceptions of the spaces and structures they made. We’ll also consider architectures of information that are co-present in these architectures of stone, brick, and steel and ask: what are the traces of the flow of information through these environments? In addition to the devices we carry, how does the built environment support the storage and delivery of information and meaning? As part of asking questions such as these, we’ll get hands-on with analytical tools from the work of contemporary architects, and learn together how much or little assistance they provide us toward the answers we seek. In particular, we’ll apply theoretical frameworks from Venturi & Scott Brown, Christopher Alexander, Kevin Lynch and Christian Norberg-Schulz, with the purpose of increasing our understanding of architectures of all kinds, both physical and digital. We’ll end with an exploration of what David Benyon calls “blended space” and Resmini’s work with Benyon to describe the design of cross-channel ecosystems.

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26 Oct 2018 | Workshop avanzato | Mattina

Planning for Strategic Design – Half Day Workshop

Peter Morville
In response to a manager’s query about how to plan products, Alan Kay famously remarked “the best way to predict the future is to invent it.” His answer invokes a paradox at the heart of design: we can’t know the future, yet it’s what we design for. If we hope to practice design successfully in an era of rapid change, we must get better at planning. To start, we must let go of “the plan” and embrace a dynamic way of planning that’s social, tangible, agile, and reflective. We must engage our colleagues and communities to align use cases, prototypes, and roadmaps with culture, governance, and process. In order to design sustainable programs, services, software, and experiences, we must also design the context. In this workshop, we’ll cover:
  • The relationships between planning, information architecture, and strategic design.
  • How to integrate planning with Agile, Lean, and Design Thinking practices.
  • Tools and methods for individuals, teams, and cross-functional collaborations
Along the way, we’ll collaborate on a series of dynamic “planning together” exercises that invite us all to share stories, solve problems, and invent better pathways for strategic design.

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